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Costumes welcome! And that the male penguin incubates the eggs while the female leaves to hunt? Shown above: The Fox and the Heron , detail ca. In the past, long hair was part of cultural traditions and was viewed as sacred. Today, hair care is a multibillion-dollar industry.

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We will also talk about the tradition of balls in terms of the art world and, of course, the Bulgarian babe, Viktor Krum. On this night of throwbacks complete with ripped jeans, baggy flannel, and maybe even some high tops Yes! Get your outfits ready! Us too.

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You can still join us for the Paranormal presentation, included in museum admission. We will stroll through our Museum focusing on works portraying balance, awareness, and perspective and then we will head outside to enjoy yoga with Linda Lawrence under the warm canopy of our welcoming Linden trees. In case of rain, we will be moving the yoga indoors. We will reveal the secret lives of females from our past, share fun facts about present-day artists, and celebrate all the wonders women have provided the art world and beyond.

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The modern chamber music quintet fivebyfive with special guest Ben Proctor on banjo will take part in an immersive arts experience as we couple fine arts with the majesty of music, enjoying performances in our Museum space, learning together, laughing, exploring, and more. Find out what Batman the goat eats for breakfast, how many whiskers the average cat has, which dog can bark the loudest and other fun facts about animals and art.

Written by Bathilda Bagshot in , A History of Magic covers the history of the wizarding world up to the end of the 19 th century. We will travel across time, journeying through our collection to introduce you to some creative witches, art wizards, and terrifying trolls.

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Since , beard popularity has been on the rise in America with new and different trends for every season. We will also sprinkle in movie trivia! Please bring your yoga mat, water, and be sure to wear comfortable clothing. Costumes welcome! And that the male penguin incubates the eggs while the female leaves to hunt?

Shown above: The Fox and the Heron , detail ca. In the past, long hair was part of cultural traditions and was viewed as sacred.


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